Thesis Title

Utilizing Diatoms (Bacilliariophyceae) For the Assemblage of Diversity Indices, Trophic Status, and Soprobity Status in the Uppermost Region of Lake Taneycomo

Date of Graduation

Summer 1997


Master of Science in Biology



Committee Chair

Russell Rhodes


There were 35 species and 15 genera of diatoms identified in this study of upper Lake Taneycomo, Taney County, Missouri. The data presented is representative of collections made from the fall seasons of 1994-1995. Diatom diversity indices were used to detect differences in water quality above and below a point source effluent from the Shepherd of the Hill's Fish Hatchery. The point source effluent had no discernable effect on the diversity of diatom flora. Genus and species composition of samples were utilized to produce new site specific measures relating to the trophic and saprobity status of upper Lake Taneycomo. The trophic and saprobity status of upper Lake Taneycomo were found to eutraphentic and beta-mesosaprobous, respectively. There was a strong inverse relation between the trophic status and diversity indices. There was no relation between saprobity status and diversity indices.

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