Date of Graduation

Summer 2009


Master of Science in Mathematics



Committee Chair

Linda Plymate


education, secondary math, collaboration, wiki, blog, web 2.0

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This descriptive study revealed the online habits of secondary math teachers. An initial survey unveiled that, while most teachers are familiar with and using digital technologies like word processors, presentation software, email, and digital cameras, only about 25% are regularly using at least three of the following additional online technologies: blogs, wikis, classroom websites, discussion boards, video sharing, and virtual manipulatives. The study showed that there is no correlation between the amount of time teachers spend preparing for classes and the degree of their familiarity with various technologies; however, there is a significant positive correlation between the amount of time teachers spend online (professionally or personally) and their familiarity with those technologies. A follow-up interview also revealed that most teachers agree that collaboration requires "working with others,” but those who describe their activities online as ‘collaborative' are predominantly participating in one-way communication, either posting completed materials online or retrieving them, but not entering constructive dialogue with others. The interviews also uncovered many effective uses of various online technologies by teachers who are putting them into practice.


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