Date of Graduation

Spring 2014


Master of Science in Communication Sciences and Disorders


Communication Sciences and Disorders

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Alana Mantie-Kozlowski


The aim of this pilot study was to investigate if there was a quantifiable difference in the oral-phase lingual palatal timing and contact patterns of individuals with Parkinson's Disease when they are on-phase compared to off-phase with their medications. A within subject study was conducted with two participants with PD. Swallowing performance was captured using electropalatography (EPG). Two participants provided twenty on-phase saliva swallows over two days and twenty off-phase saliva swallows over two days. Timing and contact patterns were assessed in terms of the prepropulsion, propulsion, postpropulsion, and release of tongue to palate contact. For durations of the swallow, participants did not show a consistent pattern of performance for on-phase compared to off-phase with one possible exception. The duration of the on-phase propulsion was longer than the off-phase for both participants. Swallowing performance was also compared to typical adults. Overall, the participants had longer durations for both on- and off-phase performance. For patterns of contact, one participant was unique in that 33% of her swallows during on-phase had no activation of the stripping bin. Otherwise, participants had similar patterns and longer durations than a typical young adult.


parkinson disease, dysphagia, electropalatography, lingual pattern, swallowing

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Communication Sciences and Disorders


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