Effects of Formal Training in the Use of the Cognitive Behavioral System of Supervision and Analysis of Intra- and Inter-Judge Reliability Ratings

Date of Graduation

Spring 1992


Master of Science in Communication Sciences and Disorders


Communication Sciences and Disorders

Committee Chair

Herbert Arkebauer


The purpose of this study was to determine intra- and inter-judge reliability of clinical supervisors using the Cognitive Behavioral System (CBS) in their evaluation of student clinicians. The study also investigated the effect of formal training in the use of this supervision system on the reliability ratings. Seven clinical supervisors at Southwest Missouri State University's Speech, Language, and Hearing Clinic served as subjects. The subjects viewed five segments of videotaped language-based therapy of unfamiliar clinician-client pairs. The same therapy samples were randomly ordered and viewed a total of six times by all seven supervisors. In addition, the subjects attended a two-hour training session in the application of the CBS conducted by co-authors Elaine McNiece, Ph.D. and Betty Fusilier. This workshop was conducted between the third and fourth viewings. In general, the results of this study indicated supervisors using the CBS demonstrated intra-judge reliability, but failed to demonstrate adequate inter-judge reliability. Further, results indicated that training in the use of the system had limited, if any effect on inter-judge reliability ratings.

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Communication Sciences and Disorders


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