Off-Line Data of the 6He +209Bi Breakup Reaction Utilizing an Interactive Data Language (Idl) Data Analysis Package

Date of Graduation

Fall 2004


Master of Science in Chemistry


Chemistry and Biochemistry

Committee Chair

James Zimmerman


A new Interactive Data Language (IDL) data analysis package, written by Paul A. DeYoung's research group at Hope College, was used to analyze neutron wall data collected at Notre Dame's Nuclear Structure Laboratory (NSL) using low energy radioactive nuclear beams and the TwinSol. Reaction products from the interaction of ⁶He with ²⁰⁹Bi were analyzed using Si AE-E detectors and neutron wall time of flight (TOF) data to determine the energy of neutrons produced in coincidence with alpha particles (⁴He) to further elucidate the breakup reaction of the neutrol halo nucleus ⁴He. Before the data analysis could be accomplished, new data preprocessing programs had to be written in IDL to replace an older Fortran preprocessing program. This streamlined the data preprocessing and limited the data analysis to the IDL programming platform. Furthermore, the generic style in which the IDL preprocessing programs were written made them simpler to use and compatible with other experimental data collected with NSLs data acquisition system.


neutron, wall, halo, TwinSol, nuclear, chemistry, IDL, interactive, data, language

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