Thesis Title

Composing While Learning - Achieving While Writing: A Proposal For Process Teaching And Portfolio Assessment For Basic Writers At SMSU

Date of Graduation

Summer 2004


Master of Arts in Writing



Committee Chair

George Jensen


This thesis is a proposal of process teaching and learning in the Basic Writing course by the utilization of a Process and Evaluation Portfolio System. This work is a result, justification, and further extension of a collaborative effort to create and propose a basic writing program at Southwest Missouri State University. This work is a product of reflecting upon the collective life, history, and importance of basic writing here at SMSU. I propose that a Process and Evaluation Portfolio system would better serve the existing program, administrators, teachers and students of Basic Writing through the promotion of process teaching, learning and assessment all of which is based upon the works of Lev Vygotsky and zone of proximal development. A description of implementation, pilot program possibilities and further scholarship in process teaching, learning and evaluation is explored.


writing, basic writers, portfolio assessment, process teaching, Vygotsky

Subject Categories

Creative Writing


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