Thesis Title

A Qualitative Case Study to Determine Third Grade Students' Perceptions of how Graphic Organizers Impact Their Reading Comprehension


Linda Noble

Date of Graduation

Summer 2003


Master of Science in Education in Literacy


Reading, Foundations, and Technology

Committee Chair

Sarah Nixon


The purpose of this qualitative case study was to determine third grade students' perceptions of how graphic organizers impact their reading comprehension. A qualitative research design was used for this study. The three focal case study participants were third grade students. They were identified as reading below third grade level and received Title I reading instruction for thirty minutes each day in a pull-out program. The researcher conducted the study over a six-week time period. The participants were given direct instruction on the use of two different graphic organizers. The instruction with the use of graphic organizers was incorporated into the participants' regular Title I reading materials. Data were collected through response journals, observations, interviews, audio-tape, video-tape, and artifacts. The data were analyzed to identify common themes involved in the participants' perceptions of graphic organizers and the impact on their reading comprehension. Findings indicated the participants did perceive graphic organizers as improving their reading comprehension.

Subject Categories

Other Education


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