Thesis Title

"One Taste Worldwide": Defining Taste in Mcdonald's Court Cases

Date of Graduation

Fall 2003


Master of Arts in Religious Studies


Religious Studies

Committee Chair

Martha Finch


Over the course of its history, McDonald's Corporation has consistently promoted the desire to establish "One Taste Worldwide." Although most capitalists would view this as an acceptable business strategy, a number of litigations have resulted from the spread of McDonald's across the globe. By investigating a number of these court cases specifically, it becomes clear that McDonald's is not merely trying to present a uniform experience within its world-wide restaurants, but rather attempting to establish a particular system of values surrounding its foods, symbols, and image. Distinguishing between the biological food stuffs sold and consumed within McDonald's restaurants and the aesthetic values placed upon these foods by local societies, McDonald's appears to be more of a religious enterprise than merely an economical one.pathway.

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