Where Light Falls

Date of Graduation

Fall 2000


Master of Arts in English



Committee Chair

Ronald Sodowsky


Where Light Falls is an excerpt of a novel that details the coming-of-age of both Rose and her mother, Marilyn. The book contains dual protagonists and alternates Rose's and Marilyn's stories, flipping back and forth in time between the 1990's and 1970's. In sections told from Rose's point of view, she is seen between the ages of fourteen and twenty, struggling to learn what roles music, men, and her mother will ultimately play in her life. Marilyn is depicted, in sections told from her point of view, between the ages of eighteen and twenty, struggling to balance her role as an artist with her role as mother. This excerpt ends on turning points for both characters...Marilyn is embarking on a journey that will enable her both to work as an artist and care for her daughter. Rose, in ending a journey with her boyfriend Jesse, comes to realizations regarding their relationship; she is also in a position to reach some conclusions regarding the direction of her life.

Subject Categories

English Language and Literature


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