A Study of Potential Secondary School Dropouts With Regard to Independent and Instruction Levels in Social Studies Textbooks

Date of Graduation

Spring 1976


Master of Science in Education in Literacy


Reading, Foundations, and Technology

Committee Chair

James Layton


The purpose of this study was to provide information concerning the reading comprehension levels of potential dropouts. It was intended to aid those teachers working with potential dropouts in minimizing and remediating reading deficiencies by means of using test results and their evaluation to determine students' present reading levels in order to properly place them in materials commensurate with their ability to comprehend. The review of related literature supported the use of cloze procedure as a readability measure, as a teaching device, and as a testing device. The informal reading inventory was widely accepted as a tool for determining students' functional reading levels. Potential dropouts were described as a victim of affective factors; and, the major factor of inability to read constituted cause for dropping out. The group of potential dropouts in this study was not proficient enough at the independent reading level as measured by the Informal Reading Inventory or cloze testing procedures to be successful in a social studies textbook which would usually be assigned to students in grade four.

Subject Categories

Other Education


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