A Production Notebook on Godspell , Produced At Springfield Catholic High School

Date of Graduation

Summer 1975


Master of Arts


Theatre and Dance

Committee Chair

Howard Orms


The purpose of this thesis is to illustrate the process that brought Springfield Catholic High's production of Godspell into being. It is set-up in five chapters. The chapters are: I. The source: The relationship of "Godspell" to the Gospel According to St. Matthew. II. Close textural analysis of "Godspell according to the work sheet for play-analysis on pages 63-65, Chapter 6, and the style-analysis work sheet on pages 323-326, Chapter 22 as set-up by Francis Hodge in his book Play Directing. III. The rehearsal process: This includes statements of goals, description of what actually happened during rehearsals and the results achieved; what worked and what did not and why; problems and solutions; breakdown of the rehearsal schedule. IV. Evaluation of the production. V. This is the working script itself which includes the following: A. Breakdown into eighty-two titled units. B. Character beats and actions are within the script where they occur. C. Blocking is in the margins and script itself. D. Technical directions occur where needed.

Subject Categories

Theatre and Performance Studies


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