A Report of an Educational Video Tape Project For the Instruction of Roller Skating to Trainable Mentally Retarded People

Date of Graduation

Spring 1977


Master of Arts


Theatre and Dance

Committee Chair

Byrne Blackwood


The purpose of this thesis project was to produce a video tape instructing lay people on how to help retarded people learn the basic fundamentals necessary to go roller skating. Six trainable mentally retarded children, ages six to twelve were taught by three lay people for four 90 minute sessions. The content of the tape was based on the instruction given in the lessons. It includes not only forward skating skills, but other elements of the skating experience, such as buying tickets and getting refreshments. The project was taped with a Sony Portapack and is a 1/2 inch black and white reel to reel tape. The tape was evaluated by a jury of experts consisting of both lay people and professionals in recreational therapy, who viewed the tape and answered a questionnaire. The results were generally positive with the exceptions of individual comments and suggestions for better development of content.

Subject Categories

Theatre and Performance Studies


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