Producing Participation Theatre For Children By Youth in the Secondary School: a Production of Reginald F. Bain's Clowns' Play

Date of Graduation

Summer 2000


Master of Arts


Theatre and Dance

Committee Chair

Robert Bradley


This study explores the ability of high-school aged actors to produce a high-quality, participation-style performance for an intended audience of children ages five to nine. This thesis traces the development and degree of success of Glendale High School's production of Clowns' Play, by Reginald F. Bain, from the production's earliest analytical stages, through the final performances. The work is divided into six chapters. The first chapter introduces the study's problem, purpose, significance, and organization. Chapter two discusses relevant research. Script and character analyses comprise the topics of chapter three. Chapter four covers the entire rehearsal and production process. Chapter five analyzes observations from the actual performances and findings based on these observations. The conclusion of the thesis makes up chapter six. Based on observations of the final performances and teacher feedback forms, the study indicates that teen-aged actors can successfully produce a participatory children's theatre production.

Subject Categories

Theatre and Performance Studies


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