The Impact and Implications Derived From the Restructuring of the Children's Theatre Conference

Date of Graduation

Summer 1973


Master of Arts


Theatre and Dance

Committee Chair

Robert Bradley


The purpose of this study is to bring forth the recent advances in children's theatre which have come about primarily through the care and concern of the Children's Theatre Conference. It is hoped that more light might be focused upon this particular organization in a way that its past efforts and achievements in the field of children's theatre may be more evident. The exact nature and function of the Children's Theatre Conference must be critically examined in such a way that all ambiguities concerning its purposes are delienated. A similar purpose of the study is to present the need for children's theatrical activities within the community as a whole. The advantages of such a program will be an inherent part of this work. This study deals mainly with the results of restructuring the Children's Theatre Conference, which is now termed the Children's Theatre Association. The membership of the Association is comprised of educators, psychologists, parents, and students who are concerned about promoting children's theatre. A part of the restructuring of the Association has been focused upon "selling" the need for children's theatre to the public. One of the most important developments to result through the restructuring of the Association is the establishment of the International Association of Theatre for Children and Youth. This organization is commonly referred to as ASSITEJ. The primary need at this point is to develop membership and leadership at all levels. In conjunction with this purpose, the Association is similarly emphasizing the need for more workshops and institutes designed to acquaint the elementary teacher with creative dramatics and children's theatre.

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Theatre and Performance Studies


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