Lucas Janes

Date of Graduation

Fall 2013


Master of Music



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Belva Prather


This qualitative study provides a foundational perspective, teaching challenges and solutions, and an applicable plan for the conductor to facilitate elevated learning in the wind band setting. Existing research suggests that in order for students to become more deeply involved in quality music-making during rehearsals, the director must first plan and prepare accordingly. This study specifically explores the role of the conductor inplanning for (1) orchestrated immersion (2) relaxed alertness and (3) active processing, to ensure students are actively involved in making musical decisions. The researcher chose the classic piece of literature for wind band titled Air for Band, by composer Frank Erickson, through which specific teaching challenges and solutions are examined. This thesis provides an applicable plan for the conductor's immersion which includessupplemental materials and rehearsal techniques designed for elevated student learning. Although this research is specific to the preparation and rehearsing of Air for Band, the information provided can be transferred to any piece of quality wind band literature. This research should be helpful for any conductor wanting to create a deep and meaningful "environment of immersion" in the wind band setting.


rehearsal, immersion, conductor, metacognition, plan, strategies, active processing, relaxed alertness, orchestrated immersion

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