Date of Graduation

Spring 2013


Master of Music



Committee Chair

Michael Murray


Formal structure, piano prelude, Miloslav Kabelá̆č, musical motive, characterization

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The purpose of this thesis is to present an original analysis and description of Miloslav Kabelač's OSM PRELUDII pro klavir Op. 30. In this thesis I posit that there are motives used in each prelude that create the musical representations of the characters found in the titles of the preludes. It is helpful when studying music to know and understand the formal structure of that music. Therefore I also examine the forms of these preludes and provide visual graphs in the appendix to aid in clarifying those forms. Each of the eight preludes has a character based on the title of the prelude. Ostinato and Corale are the only two of the set which have characters based on musical terms. The others, Meditativo, Sognante, Notturno, Volante, Arioso, and Impetuoso, are non-musical terms. By examining the harmony, melody, meter, rhythm and dynamics, and distilling those findings into a concise analysis, the character of each prelude is made clear.


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