Synthesis and Studies of N1,N2-Piperazine Bis-(2-Oximino- 2-Cyano) Acetamide and Its Several Metal Complexes

Date of Graduation

Fall 2008


Master of Science in Chemistry


Chemistry and Biochemistry

Committee Chair

Nikolay Gerasimchuk


Acetamide – cyanoximes having the general formula NC-C(R)=NOH, where R is a substituted acetamide, have shown interesting biological activities such as growth regulation in plants and effectiveness as organophosphorous pesticide antidotes. Platinum (II) compounds of these cyanoximates earlier showed promising in vitro anti-cancer activity against human cancers as well as potential for material science applications.It was found that platinum (II) cyanoximates form one-dimensional polymers with direct Pt---Pt bonding that allows for electronic communication and conductivity between metal centers. These compounds present interesting possibilities for further development into two-dimensional polymers and for adjustment of Pt---Pt bond length due to varying cyanoximate substituent sizes. Obtained Pt (II) complexes were chemically oxidized in solutions (with Br2 and AgPF6) and mixed valence Pt (II)---Pt (IV) species were formed. A new bridging bidentate ligand, H2BiPipCO, was synthesized and characterized, as well as its nickel triad complexes. Additional experiments involved the syntheses and characterizations of a bulky ligand N,N-dicyclohexyl acetamide cyanoxime and its platinum complex.


platinum, one-dimensional polymer, square-planar, cyanoxime, anisotropy

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