Date of Graduation

Fall 2013


Master of Science in Chemistry


Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Nikolay Gerasimchuk


Classic Magnus' Green Salt and several tetracyanoplatinates represent one-dimensional coordination polymers. They have been examined previously for their unique optical properties and electrical conductivity. Mixed valence tetracyanoplatinates have an appearance and conductivity similar to a metal. Both of these traits are attributed to the close distance between platinum centers in the extended one dimensional structures of these complexes. The aim of this research was to synthesize and characterize a series of new 1D oximes-based platinum complexes with a primary interest in their anisotropic properties. I selected a group of N,O mixed donor chelating ligands with various steric and electronic properties. Therefore, complexes formed are tunable for a particular application as 1D solids. Ten compounds of PtL2 compositions were prepared and used in this study. A visual indication of the formation of the 1D solids with close metallophilic Pt...Pt interactions is in the dark green, blue or purple color of the complexes: Thus, complexes show a charge-transfer band 600-900 nm in the UV-visible spectra. Synthesized Pt-complexes were studied using IR, UV-visible spectroscopy and X-ray analysis. Solutions studies also included dynamic light scattering. Isotopic labeling with 15N of some of the ligands allowed better understanding of their IR and NMR spectra. Four out of ten studied Pt-complexes demonstrated presence of metallophilic Pt...Pt interactions.


Pt(II) cyanoximates, Pt(II) nitroso-naphthols, cyanoximes, electrical conductivity, one-dimensional coordination polymers

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