Date of Graduation

Spring 2009


Master of Science in Communication Sciences and Disorders


Communication Sciences and Disorders

Committee Chair

Julie Masterson


The multilinguistic model highlights children's use of linguistic components (phonological awareness, orthographic knowledge, semantic knowledge, morphological knowledge, and storage of mental orthographic images) in word-level reading and spelling across developmental stages. Spell-Links (Wasowicz, Apel, Masterson, & Whitney, 2004) is an intervention program based on the multilinguistic model that provides detailed instruction for developing appropriate literacy skills needed by an individual. Visual phonics is a program of instruction that utilizes visual, tactile, and kinesthetic input as a means for simplifying the connection between English and print at the phoneme and word level for children who are deaf and hard of hearing (Trezek & Wang, 2006). The purpose of this thesis was to determine whether visual phonics (Trazek & Wang, 2006) could be integrated into intervention based on Masterson and Apel's multilinguistic model (2007). Spell-Links protocols were selected and strategies for incorporating visual phonics were developed. It was determined that this integration is possible.


literacy development, multilinguistic model, visual phonics, children who are deaf and hard of hearing, phonological awareness, orthographic knowledge, morphological knowledge, mental orthographic images

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Communication Sciences and Disorders


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