Promoting University Programs With Diskette-Based Interactive Media Developed Using Hypertext Markup Language: an Effectiveness Study

Date of Graduation

Fall 1997


Master of Science in Computer Information Systems


Information Technology and Cybersecurity

Committee Chair

James Brown


The purpose of this study was to determine the effectiveness of promoting higher education business programs to high school students using interactive, diskette-based media developed using the Hypertext Markup Language. Two hundred eighty eight high school students who scored 26 or better on the ACT and lived in the 24 county area served by SMSU and students living near St. Louis and Kansas City who had not previously indicated an interest in SMSU were selected for the study. An interactive diskette, created using HTML and JavaScript, was mailed to half the sample while roughly equivalent printed material was mailed to the other half. In addition to gathering demographic information about the sample regarding computer ownership, web browser used and time spent browsing the World Wide Web, questions were asked regarding the amount of time spent reviewing the material that they had received. The group receiving the brochure reported spending statistically more time reviewing the printed material than did the group receiving the diskette. While diskette-based and CD-ROM-based interactive media hold promise in the promotion of higher education, more research is needed to determine at what point in the recruitment process the tool could most effectively be introduced.

Subject Categories

Management Information Systems


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