A Study of the High School Choir Rehearsals and the Conductors' Relationship to the Rehearsal

Date of Graduation

Summer 1978


Master of Science in Education in Secondary Education


Reading, Foundations, and Technology

Committee Chair

Lloyd Blakely


The purpose of this study was (1) to determine what "factors of the rehearsal" and what "conductors' relationships to the rehearsal" were considered most important by concert choir students in comparison to the opinions expressed by the conductors and (2) to make an in-depth study of those "factors of the rehearsal" and "conductors' relationship to the rehearsal" that comprise the choral rehearsal. The study involved six high schools of approximate like size and located in the same general geographical area. The concert choir students and their conductors were selected to comprise the population of the study. The responses of the concert choir students and their conductors were compared and an analysis of the findings was presented. The review of related literature found that further studies in rehearsal procedures and techniques would be justified. There was not a substantial amount of publication concerning the total rehearsal and what facets of the rehearsal were most or least important. It was recommended that the conductors of choral music strive to organize the rehearsal so that the future of music education be successfully perpetuated in the choral rehearsal.

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