The Compared Level of Musical Achievement of Instrumental and Choral Students

Date of Graduation

Summer 1983


Master of Science in Education in Secondary Education


Reading, Foundations, and Technology

Committee Chair

Lloyd Blakely


This study was an attempt to survey the relationship of the musical achievement of selected students who are currently participating in the instrumental and/or choral music programs of selected Southwest Missouri high schools. An attempt was made to determine if a significant difference exists in the musical achievement of these students in regard to selected variables. The variables deemed important to this study were: 1) what type of instruction these students had received, 2) private instruction or no private instruction, 3) private piano, 4) the years of experience the instructors had at their particular school system. To test for these variables, The Kwalwasser-Ruch Test of Musical Accomplishment, was given to 739 students. A computer was deemed as the most efficient means of determining the difference in the selected variables by using the process of anaylsis of variance. It was determined that there was a very significant (p≤.01) effect upon the scores by the type of instruction given to each student, by the fact they had received private instruction on some instrument or voice and by both variables working together. Based upon the results of the test given it would appear that those students involved in both areas of instruction do indeed show a significant difference of higher test scores.

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