A Survey of the Current Status of the Literacy Efforts of Missouri Newspapers

Date of Graduation

Summer 1991


Master of Science in Education in Secondary Education


Reading, Foundations, and Technology

Committee Chair

Andree Bayliss


The purpose of this study was to define the current status of the literacy efforts of Missouri newspapers. A questionnaire was designed by the researcher to gather information investigating the characteristics of the newspaper; the level, degree and year of the paper's literacy involvement; and the reasons for the paper's involvement or non-involvement in literacy efforts. A total of 105 valid questionnaires representing 160 newspapers were returned. Percentages were generated from the survey responses concerning the nature of the paper's literacy involvement. Two research hypotheses were tested using the chi square test of independence. The results of this testing revealed that while the majority of Missouri newspapers are interested in improving literacy, only a small percentage are currently active in literacy efforts. Providing free advertising space and news copy concerning literacy appeared to be the preferred method of literacy involvement among newspapers. Test results also indicated the larger the paper, the greater the interest in literacy efforts. Additionally, there seemd to be little relationship between the frequency of publication of a paper and interest in literacy. Further research was recommended to determine the results of various literacy efforts.

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