Date of Graduation

Spring 2008


Master of Science in Defense and Strategic Studies


Defense and Strategic Studies

Committee Chair

Bradley Thayer


Latin America, China, arms sales, United States, Cuba

Subject Categories

Defense and Security Studies


This thesis examines how the increased presence of the People's Republic of China in Latin America will lead to an increase of arms sales by the PRC to the region. China's arms sales to Latin America, as part of a larger military-diplomatic strategy, will allow countries of Latin America yet another supplier of arms, providing those countries with an alternative to the United States. This will cause an ultimate decline in U.S. influence in the region. China's arms sales worldwide are used to acquire essential resources, earn hard currency, and garner political support. In order for China to become a leader in the arms market by the year 2020, China must gain access to regions it has not been able to yet penetrate, such as Latin America. As U.S. influence in Latin America continues to decline, China will make inroads as an arms supplier, ultimately becoming one of the top merchants in the region.


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