The leisure time reading habits and causes of reading habits of Springfield, Missouri public school eighth grade students


Marsha Twitty

Date of Graduation

Summer 1976


Master of Science in Education in Secondary Education in English



Committee Chair

Carter M. Cramer


This study set out to answer the question: what do eighth grade students attending Springfield, Missouri, public schools read in their leisure time? This study also attempted to answer three secondary questions: First, is there any difference in what males and females, attending the eighth grade in Springfield, Missouri, public schools choose to read during their leisure time? Second, why do eighth graders read what they read during their leisure time? And last, is there any difference in why males and females choose to read what they read during their leisure time? A questionnaire was designed and administered by the researcher to one English class of mixed ability eighth graders at each of the eight Springfield, Missouri, public junior high schools. The questionnaire was administered to 191 eighth grade students, 97 males and 94 females. Identical oral instructions were given to each class by the researcher, and brief written instructions were included at the top of the first page of the questionnaire. The findings of the study showed that eighth graders as a group generally read the same types of materials for the same reasons during their leisure time. However, differences were noted in the group's specific reading habits and causes of reading habits.

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