Date of Graduation

Summer 2016


Master of Science in Health Promotion and Wellness Management


Public Health and Sports Medicine

Committee Chair

Rebecca Woodard


The purpose of this study was to explore the preferences of exercise and physical activity in individuals with an intellectual disability. It took place during Bear Play, a physical activity program geared towards working with individuals with a disability at Missouri State University. This project was facilitated through the partnership of Missouri State University's Kinesiology department and the Arc of The Ozarks. A convenience sample was drawn from individuals participating in the program during the 2015-2016 academic year. Each participant was asked to complete a survey. Data were collected by using a survey administered on an IPAD and covered many activities under the topics of anaerobic exercise, aerobic exercise, flexibility activities, sport activities, and recreational activities. Using descriptive statistics, only a slight difference was found between preference for exercise and physical activities. Strong evidence provided support that respondents preferred participating with others in all themes represented on the survey instead of alone. These results provide practical application and considerations for program design and providing choice for individuals with an intellectual disability.


exercise, intellectual disability, participation, perceptions, physical activity, physical activity program, preferences

Subject Categories

Health and Medical Administration


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