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Fall 2015


Master of Science in Chemistry


Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Bryan Breyfogle


The following presents a pre-/post-intervention design for the analysis of both content knowledge and Socioscientific Reasoning (SSR) about climate change. Participants were 82 non-science majors registered in a lecture-lab course. The atmospheric-related environmental problems diagnostic test (AREPDiT) was used as pre-test and post-test to evaluate students' conceptual understanding about climate change. Students learned scientific knowledge about climate change; their pre-test and post-test were statistically significant different (t (81) = 11.515, p = < 0.001) which is used as evidence of learning. The use of the laboratory experiment to teach about the greenhouse effect and the pre-lab video and quiz, effectively helped students to learn and to gain confidence when taking the post-test AREPDiT. College professors can address citizenship by the integration of socioscientific-based instructional materials, like the ones here presented, into their chemistry courses without changing their entire chemistry curriculum


socioscientific issues, content knowledge, socioscientific reasoning, online discussion, chemistry for non-majors

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