Date of Graduation

Fall 2016


Master of Science in Applied Behavior Analysis



Committee Chair

Michael Clayton


mindfulness, emotional regulation, psychological flexibility, stress reduction, heart rate, cortisol

Subject Categories

Applied Behavior Analysis


Mindfulness-based interventions have been related to emotional regulation, reduced stress, and increased psychological flexibility. The current investigation extended previous findings by examining the short-term effects of a brief mindfulness training in undergraduate psychology students. The non-concurrent multiple baseline design evaluated heart rate and cortisol changes in response to a brief mindfulness-based intervention. The results found for some individuals, participation in the mindfulness intervention helped regulate their emotions and heart rate, as evidenced by the decrease in heart rate and cortisol and increase in psychological flexibility by changes in Acceptance and Action Questionnaire-2 and Perceived Stress Scale-14 scores. Findings suggest more frequent, but brief interventions incorporating mindful attention can be an effective means for managing stress, but further research is warranted.


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