The Future Military Applications and International Security Implications of Biotechnology and Nanotechnology

Date of Graduation

Summer 1998


Master of Science in Defense and Strategic Studies


Defense and Strategic Studies

Committee Chair

Jack Crouch


This thesis is an examination of possible future military applications and potential security problems posed by advanced biotechnology and nanotechnology. Research into the biological sciences is presented as a backdrop to the field of biotechnology. Biotechnology, the amalgamation of genetic engineering and gene-based therapeutics, may provide tools of warfare that could create security challenges of their own as proliferation contines. The focus of this assessment is on the more obvious military applications, from biological weapons to biological defenses, and the countries that are developing these technologies. The information herein leads compellingly to the possibility of eventual manipulation of matter on the atomic level, the theoretical basis for nanotechnology. Nanotechnology may enable manufacturing with atomic precision. And nanotechnology could be the deciding factor in the constitution of global militaries through the twenty-first century.

Subject Categories

Defense and Security Studies


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