The Dynamics of the Rights and Privileges of Smoking and Non-Smoking Employees

Date of Graduation

Fall 1994


Master of Business Administration


Management and Information Technology

Committee Chair

Fayes Elayan


This paper explores the rights and privileges of smoking and non-smoking employees in the workplace. The research question examines what rights smoking and non-smoking employees possess. Methodology consists of an examination of selected federal and state cases and laws that have an impact on the issue of smoking in the workplace. Case decision outcomes and language in laws are categorized to explain where the boundary exists in the workplace for smokers' and non-smokers' rights. Non-smoking employees are not presently guaranteed a smoke-free work environment in all states by law, but federal legislation has been introduced to insure the right to a smoke-free work environment. Smoking employees are only guaranteed protection from employer discrimination in 29 states. General guidelines are provided for employers dealing with workplace smoking.

Subject Categories

Business Administration, Management, and Operations


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