The Future of Intellectual Property in Hong Kong Following the Transfer of Power from Great Britain to China

Date of Graduation

Summer 1993


Master of Business Administration


Management and Information Technology

Committee Chair

Debra Oden


This study involves the United States' prospects for international intellectual property trade, specifically in Hong Kong and China, leading up to and beyond the transfer of Hong Kong's sovereignty from Great Britain to China in 1997. The purpose of this study was to provide a synthesis of the work published regarding the transfer of power and the role of intellectual property in the Asia-Pacific region to add to the understanding of interested business students and professionals. The study is built upon an extensive literature review and analysis of this information combined with the researcher's personal observations. The conclusions drawn were that while there is no way to guarantee the actions of the future, the protection of intellectual property in Hong Kong and China is improving. While the stability of Hong Kong may be questionable as a result of the transfer of power, United States' intellectual property trade prospects with Hong Kong still seem optimistic.

Subject Categories

Business Administration, Management, and Operations


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