Thesis Title

Meat Cake

Date of Graduation

Spring 2017


Master of Fine Arts in Visual Studies


Art and Design

Committee Chair

Sharon Harper


male identity, queer culture, male body, media culture, photography, Bruce Labruce, fanzine, zine, punk art

Subject Categories

Fine Arts


There is a language being spoken in visual art; a rhetorical dis­course that uses semiotics to communicate with a viewer. My research has fo­cused on way s to break the traditional ideas of narrative in photography . By focusing on the forms of delivery, and by combining digital and ana­logue techniques, my work forms a distortion of communication that forms a new language to communicate with the viewer. Much of this research has led to a specific form of communication that has been termed "punk" which began as a musical and artistic movement in the 70's. This sty le, both visu­ally and musically, broke with tradition and focused on raw and anti-es­tablishment aesthetics. These elements I have adopted into my work, which focuses on queer identity and relishing in not fitting into mainstream society . The results become a vibrant distortion of language, and the lan­guage of photography.


Warning: This work depicts frontal nudity and contains adult themes that may be disturbing to some viewers/readers.


© Todd Wilson Reynolds

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