Date of Graduation

Summer 2017


Master of Fine Arts in Visual Studies


Art and Design

Committee Chair

Marcus Howell


I continue to explore the space that exists between worlds and ideology in an attempt to blur the demarcation between them. Using the everyday, I attempt to show features of the uncanny and sublime nature of common objects by including fantastic elements while maintaining an illusion of reality. Rather than showing the audience one true meaning, I offer them a lens to one of the infinite possibilities. The story is left for the observer to complete, each narrative unique and valid. As the Western viewer tends to seek out absolutes and categorical placements, I try to create a venue that allows room for contemplation, as well as a space to shed previously established conventions.


magical realism, practical effects, alternative process, contemporary photography, sculptogrophy

Subject Categories

Book and Paper | Illustration | Sculpture


Warning: This work depicts nudity that may be disturbing to some viewers/readers.


© Emily Susannah Budd

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