Date of Graduation

Spring 2018


Master of Arts in Communication



Committee Chair

Jake Simmons


Cross-Cultural Adaptation Theory, student experience, intercultural communication, communication education, international students

Subject Categories

International and Intercultural Communication


This study seeks to use Kim’s Cross-Cultural Adaptation Theory to gain a better understanding of the process students from China go through when they choose to Anglicize their names. This thesis begins with a review of the literature and then discusses the limitations found within the current research on this topic in order to formulate research questions. Qualitative research was conducted using semi-structured interviews and focus groups with international students from China that resulted in various findings. These findings—barriers and adapting to barriers, choosing an “English” name, preferences between names, and problems with using “English” names—provide insight into a topic that has not yet been adequately researched. These findings provide various points of discussion addressed in this thesis. However, as discussed near the end of the document, there were various limitations within the research; this thesis offers recommendations for future research based off of what was found in this study.


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