Date of Graduation

Spring 2018


Master of Natural and Applied Science in Agriculture


College of Agriculture

Committee Chair

Gary Webb


methane, propionate, acetate, corn gluten feed, wheat middlings, cottonseed meal, soyhulls, gossypol, Monensin, carbon dioxide

Subject Categories

Beef Science | Dairy Science


This study was designed to study the in-vitro digestibility and in-vitro total gas production of corn gluten feed, wheat middlings, solvent extracted cottonseed meal, and soyhulls in multi parous steers. Evaluation of the effects of monensin on in-vitro digestibility and in-vitro total overall gas production of a commercially available complete feed was also studied Feedstuffs were ground through a Wiley mill to ensure uniform samples and were added to digestion jars in a completely randomized design. Rumen fluid was collected from a Bos taurus steer via a ruminal cannula. To ensure consistent digesta material the steer was fed a uniform diet two weeks prior to study and was fed and collected at the same time daily. Data was analyzed using Proc GLM of SAS with fixed effects of feedstuff or monensin addition in the model. Digestion of soyhulls resulted in the greatest total gas production, corn gluten feed and wheat middlings were intermediate and cottonseed meal had the least total gas production (P


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