Date of Graduation

Fall 2018


Master of Music



Committee Chair

Daniel Hellman


gender choirs, male changing voice, student perspective, classroom environment, male adolescent attitudes, middle school choir

Subject Categories

Junior High, Intermediate, Middle School Education and Teaching | Music Education | Secondary Education


The purpose of this study was to examine the use of gender choirs within a middle school choral classroom to investigate (a) attitudes about singing, (b) confidence and self-efficacy of their own voices, and (c) peer perceptions of adolescent males’ participation in choir. Data were obtained from 40 students, in Grades 7 or 8, who were enrolled in a male gender choir at one of the five participating middle schools. Most participants enrolled in choir because they thought choir was fun, and they were good singers. Most participants did not think that choir was “better” when the genders were separated. It was difficult to determine the “why” behind the results. The results indicated the complex nature of gender choirs and adolescence. Based on the results, the researcher concluded that there is a need for a deeper understanding of male identity in the male adolescent as well as the male adolescent perspective of gender choirs.


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