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Spring 2019


Master of Science in Psychology



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William Deal


Suicide is a major health crisis affecting all parts of the world. Although extensive research has been conducted on suicide and numerous suicide prevention programs are in place, there still exists a gap in our knowledge as to how to encourage the public to reach out to individuals who may be suicidal. The aim of the current study is to examine methods of responding when confronted by an individual with suicidal tendencies. Participants completed four scales measuring their knowledge of suicide, personality characteristics, level of suicide stigma, and knowledge of how best to respond to an individual with suicidal tendencies. Data was analyzed by way of a regression analysis. Results suggest knowledge of suicide and suicide stigma are predictive of knowledge of how to appropriately respond to someone with suicidal tendencies; however, the personality characteristics included in this study were not found to add to the regression model. Limitations and future directions are discussed.


suicide, psychology, predictive factors, stigma, knowledge, appropriate responding, personality Big 5

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Clinical Psychology | Other Psychology | Personality and Social Contexts | Social Psychology


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