Date of Graduation

Summer 2019


Master of Natural and Applied Science in Agriculture


College of Agriculture

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Arbindra Rimal


This study examined the relationship between the involvement in high school activities, such as FFA and 4-H, and grit or long-term passion and perseverance. In a quantitative approach, respondents (N=501) completed a survey comprised of the Grit-S Scale to determine their level of grit and a self-reporting section on involvement in high school activities, involvement in FFA, and involvement in 4-H. Correlation analyses were conducted to determine if there was a relationship between individual high school activities, overall high school involvement, involvement in FFA, involvement in 4-H, and an individual’s level of grit. Involvement in FFA was found to have a higher positive relationship with grit than any other activity. Independent t-Tests were conducted to determine if a difference in grit existed between those who were involved in FFA compared to those who were not, those involved in 4-H and those who were not, those highly involved in FFA or 4-H compared to those who were lowly involved. Regression Analyses were conducted to determine the influence of various high school activities on grit. The first regression and second models found all three of their individual models to be statistically significant. The third regression found two models to be statistically significant while gender was excluded. The fourth regression found all three models to be statistically significant. Recommendations for further research include conducting the same study with a larger sample of respondents involved in 4-H, conducting it on a larger scale, performing a more longitudinal study of how grit changes over time in an individual, or how organizations teach or build grit to find common themes or practices across organizations.


agriculture, youth organizations, grit, FFA, 4-H, high school organizations, high school involvement

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Agricultural Education


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