An Examination of the Knowledge and Perceptions Toward Communication Graduates With an Emphasis in Organizational Communication

Date of Graduation

Summer 1992


Master of Arts in Communication



Committee Chair

Teresa Helmick


This study examines employers' knowledge and perceptions toward the communication graduate with an emphasis in organizational communication. Previous research has examined this knowledge as it relates to the communication graduate in general, but not specifically toward the graduate with an emphasis in organizational communication. This study was limited to employers based in the state of Missouri because the researcher felt that these employers were more inclined to hire graduates from Southwest Missouri State University. A survey was administered to personnel directors across Missouri. The survey asked about knowledge of the organizational communication emphasis, departments where these graduates might be employed, and general demographic information. There were also follow-up telephone interviews to gather employers' perceptions of the organizatinal communication emphasis. This study shows the need for communication graduates with an emphasis in organizational communication to market themselves in ways with which employers will be familiar. Graduates should also enhance their degree with minors in other areas that should help them sell themselves in the job market. Many of the respondents suggested increasing skills in the areas of management, marketing, human resources, and practical business skills.

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