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Fall 2019


Master of Science in Biology



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Quinton Phelps


Channel Catfish Ictalurus punctatus populations have been evaluated using many sampling gears in rivers. However, a consensus has not been reached on which gear or gears produce the most reliable population demographics. Specifically, this study compares population demographics of Channel Catfish throughout the Monongahela River, WV using multiple gear types. Fish were sampled seasonally during 2018 using baited hoop nets, low- frequency electrofishing, and trotlines. Firstly, too few fish were collected using electrofishing and were excluded from all analyses. In terms of relative abundance, fish sampled with hoop nets had higher catch rates (mean SCPUE = 5.8, SE = 0.4) than trotlines (mean SCPUE = 3.1, SE = 0.1). Both gear types also produced differing length- frequencies (n= 560, KSa= 3.71, Pr


Channel Catfish, gear efficiency, population dynamics, hoop nets, trotlines, electrofishing, river, West Virginia

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Natural Resources and Conservation


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