Date of Graduation

Spring 2020


Master of Science in Applied Behavior Analysis



Committee Chair

Jordan Belisle


The present study examined Promoting the Emergence of Advanced Knowledge Relational Training System; Equivalence (PEAK-E) and Transformation’s (PEAK-T) effect on a participant with ASD’s derived relational responding, intelligence scores (WPPSI-IV; Weschler 2012), and the deceleration coefficient. One participant with ASD was given 10 weeks of PEAK-E and PEAK-T treatment for four hours a week, along with probes throughout the study for IQ scores and deceleration coefficient scores. The data indicated a significant relationship between PEAK-E and PEAK-T treatment and IQ scores, as well as a relationship between PEAK scores and a participant’s deceleration coefficient. This indicated that PEAK-E and PEAK-T treatment is a reliable and valid treatment for individuals with ASD.


autism, derived relational responding, generalized operant, peak, stimulus equivalence

Subject Categories

Applied Behavior Analysis


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