Date of Graduation

Spring 2020


Master of Science in Health Promotion and Wellness Management


Public Health and Sports Medicine

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Melinda Novik


This research reports on the feasibility of implementing a web-based intuitive eating (IE) program to employees through a university employee wellness department at Missouri State University (MSU). Barriers and facilitators to program participation were also identified and discussed.

Background: Ten IE principles present an evidence-based strategy for reducing incidence of weight cycling and improving one’s relationship with food and self, and reducing health risks associated with chronic dieting and weight regain. Offering web-based programming reduces barriers to program enrollment but is also associated with high rates of attrition.

Methods: The program was developed utilizing the PRECEED-PROCEDE model with application of self-determination theory (SDT). Constructs of SDT that relate to IE principles are autonomy, relatedness, and competence. These constructs were addressed through each module of the program to support building internal motivation and program participation. The program consisted of 10 weekly modules containing informational videos, handouts and worksheets, and IE counselor interviews. The participants accessed the program through Blackboard. Flipgrid (an audio/video application) was used as a communication platform and for weekly prompt reflections on module exercises. Qualitative and quantitative data were assessed to determine participation rates, acceptability of program constructs, and barriers to program participation. A phenomenological approach was used to discern themes of barriers and facilitators to program participation. Results: Primary barriers for participation were time constraints, overwhelming amount of information, and aversion to Flipgrid platform use. The quality and usefulness of program information were identified as facilitators of participation. Conclusion: The research concludes that feasibility of program implementation was dependent on stakeholder support, available platform resources, interdepartmental communication. Program participation was influenced by the time frame available to complete program modules and participant feedback for acceptable platform interpersonal communication platform applications.


Intuitive eating, employee wellness, web-based programming, PRECEDE- PROCEED, weight cycling, self-determination theory

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Dietetics and Clinical Nutrition | Health Communication | Online and Distance Education


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