Date of Graduation

Spring 2020


Master of Science in Psychology



Committee Chair

Donald Fischer


Organizational climate is the shared perceptions that employees hold about their experiences in the workplace. The current research on organizational climate relies upon explicit (self-report) measures, which can be contaminated by impression management and inaccurate self-knowledge artifacts. This research used Implicit Association Test (IAT) procedures to develop implicit measures of selected aspects of organizational climate. The study examined the relationships of the implicit organizational climate measures with theoretically related explicit measures according to a multitrait-multimethod design. A series of confirmatory factor analyses of latent trait models were used to assess convergent and discriminant validity evidence. While results provided some construct validity evidence for the implicit measures, future research might focus upon developing implicit measures with better psychometric properties and exploring the potential incremental predictive validity of these measures.


organizational climate, role, supervisor, implicit measures, Implicit Association Test, confirmatory factor analysis

Subject Categories

Industrial and Organizational Psychology


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