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Spring 2020


Master of Science in Psychology



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Michael Clayton


Credit card fraud is an important issue that occurs in many different business settings and locations across the world (Federal Trade Commission, 2018). The United States shifted to the use of Europay, Mastercard, and Visa (EMV) system to help with this issue but credit card fraud continues unabated. ID-checking is infrequently performed by employees when customers are purchasing items with debit/credit cards and results in an increase in fraudulent charges that cost businesses and consumers a considerable amount of time, frustration, and money. Two studies (Geller 1997; Geller 2001) showed that by using goal-setting, feedback, prompting, and utilizing managerial involvement it was possible to increase the ID-checking behavior of employees. The purpose of the current research was to increase the ID-checking behavior of employees at a small clothing store in southwest Missouri using goal-setting, prompting, and performance feedback. Results are discussed in relation to manager support/presence, environmental consistency, and goal-setting.


id-checking, group feedback, goal setting, credit card fraud

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Applied Behavior Analysis | Psychology | Social and Behavioral Sciences


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