Date of Graduation

Spring 2020


Master of Fine Arts in Visual Studies


Art and Design

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Eric Pervukhin


Character development is the process of creating believable fictional characters by giving them depth and compelling visual characteristics, which reveal a narrative framework behind formal solutions. Character development is the creation of effective communication. It gives essential information about character progression and the thought process behind a character’s evolution over time in the practice of visual development. This approach is a procedure of creating visual forms that convey clear messages, very often intangible ones. Their meaning is constructed through the use of different iconographic and narrative structures that, when presented within the same context, give thought-provoking and unusual formal solutions. This personal process of visual selection, extraction, and conflation of ideas does not offer a definitive statement of clarity and meaning but an open-ended exploration of different formal results and possibilities. This thesis is exploring the character development process within the context of Fairytale book illustrations, Cartooning, and Character design; and Instructional Manual/Book Design as a parody of conventional drawing, figure drawing, and anatomy manuals and guides.


character, development, illustration, fairytale, books, drawing

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