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Spring 2020


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John Prescott


This composition, scored for a full symphonic orchestra, is based on the theory of truth discussed by Bertrand Russell. Objective truth, he states, must satisfy three criteria. The first element of truth is to acknowledge that it has an opposite. The second element of truth is a property of belief, statement, and perception. The third requisite is to acknowledge that truth consists in coherence. The introduction to this composition invokes the confluence of the three elements by utilizing discordant harmonies. In the next two movements, a theme is developed for each element. The First Truth, representing conflict, possesses a dark character that culminates in an accelerated intensity. The Second Truth invokes the warm inner beauty of a person’s own cherished beliefs. The final movement, The Third Truth, juxtaposes these themes to illustrate the confluence of both principles, suggesting that the commonalities of the human race serve to illuminate a truth that can be shared by all


music, orchestra, symphonic, instrumental, composition

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