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Summer 2020


Master of Science in Biology



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Kyoungtae Kim


To maintain cell homeostasis, protein recycling through intracellular membrane fusion is an important cellular process. Both Vps1 and Ypt6 have been implicated in protein recycling from the endosome to the trans-Golgi Network (TGN). SNARE proteins are thought to be the key regulator in this membrane fusion mediated protein recycling mechanism. I studied membrane fusion events by incorporating purified proteins into liposomes. A series of data suggest that high concentration of SNARE proteins inhibits fusion unlike the opposite popular notion. Also, the data suggests that Vps1 acts on membrane fusion dynamics in a manner that lower concentrations of Vps1 enhance fusion in compared to its higher concentration counterpart. Moreover, it was found that Vps1’s GTPase activity seems to be inadequate to enhance fusion. Finally, the data suggests that Vps1 and Ypt6 do not act in a synergistic mode despite both of them possessing GTPase activity.


membrane fusion, Vps1, Ypt6, SNARE, reconstitution assay, GTPase activity

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