Date of Graduation

Fall 2020


Master of Science in Materials Science


Physics, Astronomy, and Materials Science

Committee Chair

Tiglet Besara


Realization of topological semimetals in the recent past show that ternary intermetallics can exhibit topological phases. This discovery initiated the quest for this novel research. There is a crucial need to discover new materials that manifest these phases for a better understanding of their behavior to utilize them in device technology. Also, Bi compounds have attracted much attention as candidates for topological materials and topological superconductors. In this context, synthesis and characterization of single crystals of a layered transition metal pnictide SmMnBi2, a potential Dirac topological semimetal candidate, is reported. A flux method was utilized to synthesize single crystals of SmMnBi2 and crystallographic data revealed properties isostructural to the recently reported topological semimetal compounds EuMnBi2 and YbMnBi2. The motivation behind this research work is to employ flux method to discover new materials with exotic behaviors in order to expand the field of topological semimetals.


topological phases, Weyl, Dirac, semimetals, crystal growth, flux

Subject Categories

Materials Science and Engineering


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