Date of Graduation

Fall 2020


Master of Arts in English



Committee Chair

Michael Czyzniejewsk


This thesis contains the first five chapters of a young adult romance novel featuring a young woman named Theadosia Lee. The plot is heavily influenced by Cinderella, and the biblical braiding technique is heavily influenced by that of Kiera Cass and C. S. Lewis. The piece was inspired by my desire to create more young adult romance novels that contain the biblical values that are sorely lacking in most modern young adult literature. I seek to write a love story that is based on mutual respect, a strong foundation of friendship, and an intentional decision to avoid sexual activities until after wedlock. It is my intention to keep romantic sexual content to a minimum and to avoid scenes of sexual intercourse altogether. After Theadosia receives a confirmation letter that she has been accepted into a university game show called Billion-Dollar Bride, her impoverished and abusive life is turned upside down as she enters into a world of fame, fortune, and undiscovered love.


young adult literature, romance, fiction, adult content, sexual content, Billion-Dollar Bride, Godric’s Academy, Thea

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Children's and Young Adult Literature | Christianity | Fiction


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