Date of Graduation

Spring 2021


Master of Science in Criminology and Criminal Justice


Criminology and Criminal Justice

Committee Chair

Michael Kyle


While several studies have examined the impact of body-worn cameras (BWCs) on the frequency of use of force incidents with mixed results, research evaluating the impact of BWCs on types of force is scant. Utilizing 86-months of use of force report data from a medium-sized mid-Atlantic police department (36 months pre, and 50 months post-BWC implementation), the current study addresses limitations in prior BWC research and explores the potential relationship between BWCs and the level/types of force used through the use of Vector Autoregression Analysis.


body-worn cameras, use of force, police, force continuum, types of force, Vector Autoregression Analysis

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Other Public Affairs, Public Policy and Public Administration | Other Social and Behavioral Sciences


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